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Appointment to JV North Home Building Framework

July 21st 2017

Michael Dyson Associates Ltd is delighted to announce that we have been appointed to provide architectural services to the JV North Home Building Framework.  JV North is investing £335.5 million to build nearly 3,000 new homes under the Government’s Shared Ownership Affordable Homes Programme.  Approximately 2,000 of the homes – for rent and ownership – will be delivered through the new four-year framework that commences in July 2017.


We look  forward to working with J V North and it’s members over the coming years.




Defective Balconies & Walkways

July 19th 2017

Since March 2017,  Michael Dyson Associates Ltd has been involved in the assessment of balconies and walkways of some 60 medium rise blocks on behalf of three stock owning clients; the assessments ascertain their constructed form, condition and remaining operational life.

Despite being located in different parts of the UK, the balconies exhibited similar characteristics; primarily that they are cantilevered from floor slabs. Some blocks have precast floor units projecting from the external face whilst others rely on insitu concrete and extended reinforcement.  The issues prompting the assessments relate to structural movement, water penetration or both.

The findings of the assessments varied somewhat depending on the condition of the concrete making up the projecting structures but there was a common theme in that, unchecked, even slight defects have the potential to cause deterioration and progressive deflection causing new or exacerbating existing problems of structural resilience and water damage.

The recommendations arising from these assessments likewise varied in complexity, from simple moisture resistance measures, through extensive patch repairs and resetting falls to propping and enclosure.

We believe these clients are at the forefront of a growing recognition of balcony related issues and expect there to be a greater interest by other social landlords in the coming few years.

For further information please contact Gary Jackson on 01484 666888

High Rise Refurbishment & Sprinkler Systems

July 19th 2017

Michael Dyson Associates Ltd has been working with Tamworth Borough Council since November 2016, providing consultancy services in relation to proposed refurbishment work to 6 tower blocks.  The proposed works include for the installation of sprinkler systems and we are currently assisting with the procurement of these installations.

This is an important project for our client, particularly in light of recent tragic events, and Michael Dyson Associates Ltd’s building surveyors will be working closely with the Council, the appointed contractor and independent fire experts to deliver the scheme.

For further information about this scheme please contact Michael Brown on 01484 666888.