Stock Condition Survey, Shetland Islands

Shetland Islands Council

"We found Michael Dyson Associates Ltd to be professional, helpful and knowledgeable.  The team assisted us greatly with understanding and meeting our needs"

Andrew Lyall
Team Leader - Housing Asset Services

Nature of Work Undertaken

Michael Dyson Associates Ltd was appointed via a competitive tender process to carry out stock condition surveys for Shetland Islands Council.

The client's brief included:

  • Stock condition surveys to 20% of their stock of 1,844 dwellings
  • Collection of Scottish Housing Quality Standards data
  • Transferring survey data into the client's Capita asset management system
  • In-depth report on all aspects of the commission including catch-up repair costa and planned maintenance costs, together with an assessment of costs to continue to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standards

The unique nature of the location of the housing stock presented us with many challenges with a high degree of pre-planning required prior to undertaking the fieldwork.

The surveys were carried out successfully within a 3 week timescale and the final report was taken forward as the foundation for Shetland Islands Council's five year investment plan which accommodates the impact of location and scale in the establishment of budgets.

Contract Value

  • £53,000