Stock Condition Surveys for Optivo

Viridian Housing

“Viridian Housing have a four year contract with Michael Dyson Associates to undertake a 20% stock condition surveys on our 16,000 homes each year. We have found the quality of their surveyors and data collection and migration to be of the highest quality. The data they have collected has helped Viridian understand the investment requirements of our homes, and also calculate net present values on all our homes to ensure we understand the return on investment of our homes in management. Their commitment to customer satisfaction when collecting data through to the migration of the data into our asset management systems has always been undertaken in a very professional manner”

Karl Linder, Planning & Investment  Manager 

Nature of Work Undertaken 

Michael Dyson Associates Ltd was appointed via the SEC Framework to undertake stock condition surveys over a 4-year period generate up to date business plans and asset the investment of their housing stock.

Asset Management System:  Keystone

Services Provided:

  • Carry out stock condition surveys to 20% of their 16000 homes each year
  • Provide accurate and up to date evidence in relation to the housing stock and a basis for future data collection
  • Identify clear investment priorities in the coming years
  • Highlight areas where stock condition is a particular concern

Our work with Viridian has also included a survey of a listed railway building in Southampton and a due diligence exercise in advance of a merger with Amicus Horizon.