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Your landlord is not alone in undertaking a stock condition survey; indeed many local authorities and social landlords have now carried out a survey in order to plan refurbishment and improvement schemes. Here is a selection of answers to questions that are frequently asked about this type of survey.

Why have I been asked to take part in the survey?


To help give your landlord an accurate picture of housing conditions in their stock.

How was I chosen?


All properties within have been selected at random to have a survey carried out.

Will I get any improvements to my property as a result?


Possibly – The first stage in planning refurbishment programmes is gathering the information to what improvements are required where, the survey process gathers this information on a property by property basis.

What if there is nothing wrong with my house?


To be accurate the survey needs everyone selected to take part. Every dwelling that is missed makes the survey less accurate.


Modern dwellings in good condition can still often be difficult to heat so the energy efficiency section of the survey becomes more important.

What does the survey involve?


The survey will involve a visual inspection of all of the key areas and building components in your property. As this is visual only no items of furniture or any other items are required to be moved and no special arrangements need to be made. The full survey should take no more than 30 minutes

Why use a Holmfirth firm to assist with the survey?


Michael Dyson Associates Ltd are specialists in this kind of survey and operate nation wide. They use surveyors from all parts of the country including locally.

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