Leeds PFI - Structural Engineering Services

Keepmoat Ltd

Nature of Work Undertaken

Michael Dyson Associates Ltd provided specialist structural engineering services to Keepmoat Ltd on 7 high rise blocks that formed the refurbishment element of the wider Leeds PFI scheme.

The blocks were all constructed from an in-situ concrete frame with areas of rendered No-fines and brickwork and ranged from 12 to 17 storeys.   The majority of the blocks were situated in Little London close to the centre of Leeds, with one block located in Beeston, Leeds.

The works to all blocks included strengthening works and thermal upgrades with the application of an external wall insulation system which would also enhance the appearance of the blocks and the area.

Services Provided

  • Concrete testing to structural components on each floor.
  • Identification of any concrete defects requiring attention.
  • Liaison with various contractors and provide details of any remedial strengthening works required.
  • Provision of reports for each block detailing any concrete testing results, concrete defects identified and detailed drawings of remedial works.
  • Signing off concrete repairs and remedial works when completed.
  • Weekly on-site inspections during overcladding works through to completion.

The works were completed over a period of 5 years and enabled the blocks to be warranted for the duration of the 20 years PFI, plus a further 5 years.