Stock Condition Surveys for Hanover Housing

Fusion 21 Framework

Nature of Work Undertaken

Michael Dyson Associates Ltd (MDA) was appointed via the Fusion 21 framework to survey 20% (7,500 assets) of Hanover Housings housing stock.  Hanover Housing provides sheltered and supported accommodation to the over 55s and as such, there stock is spread across all four corners of England.

Asset Mangement System: Northgate SAM

Services Provided:

  • Carry out Condition surveys to 20% of their assets
  • Take photographs of all kitchens and bathrooms
  • Provide a weekly survey counter to provide regular updates on progress
  • Provide accurate and robust stock condition data. 
  • Report any immediate Health & Safety Concerns to Hanover Housing as a matter of urgency

The original fieldwork process lasted 19 weeks, with surveyors completing an average of 375 asset surveys per week.