Non-Traditional Housing

“With over thirty years’ experience of assessing the condition and future repairing liabilities of all forms of non traditional housing, we are recognised as the country's leading expert. We have developed intrusive survey techniques which provide our clients with maximum information whilst ensuring minimum disturbance to customers’ homes.”

Our extensive involvement with PRC Homes and the Non Traditional Homes Appraisal Scheme (NTHAS) has allowed us to build  strong team of quality Structural Engineers, Building Surveyors and Technicians who, over the last thirty five years, have amassed unique experience in this specialised area.

We routinely undertake investigation and assessment to inform the present condition and predicted life expectancy of all non traditional property types including costed options for the repair and maintenance of these often undervalued properties; this allows our clients to make informed decisions to meet the future repairing needs of this element of their housing stock, including giving them an ongoing underwritten assured life or even status s a mortgageable asset.

We provide many types of assessment, each tailored to the needs of our individual clients, including:

Michael Dyson Associates Ltd has the necessary ability and experience to help our clients plan effectively for the maintenance and improvement of their non traditional housing assets. 

For further information regarding our non traditional housing service contact: Andrew Robinson 

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